Are You Worth It?


This morning I got thinking, this “bettering myself” thing is quite a bit of work. I track all of my food. I have to think about what I’m eating and how it may (or may not) fit in to my specific macros. I fret about whether or not I’m eating too much or too little, or if there’s too much fat or not enough protein or carbs. I have to make time to get to the gym 3 days a week (taking 2 hours out of my day between drive and workout time), and try to plan appointments in a way to (hopefully) not mess my gym time up. I have to plan shopping days around whether or not I am too busy in the evenings because of working out, or have to stop and pick things up on the way home. I have to plan meals, at least to a certain extent, ahead of time. I log and track my workouts. I try to go to bed early to get decent sleep. I deal with soreness sometimes for a couple of days after a workout (luckily not as often since eating better).

Talk about a lot of effort. I mean, really! Wouldn’t it just be easier to just live my life and not have to worry about all this crap?! I could have no less than six extra hours a week, not counting the hours spent doing yoga, or running the dogs, or races and competitions. I wouldn’t have to worry about making appointments that would mess up my workout schedule. I could just eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I could stay up late and wake up tired, and what would it matter?

Sure…. life would be simpler if I didn’t do all these things. But would I BE better? Would I FEEL better? Would I LIKE myself better? Would I feel CONFIDENT and STRONG? Would I feel pretty or sexy? Would I feel accomplished? HELL NO. I wouldn’t be or feel any of those.

The reality is, I want to like myself. I want to feel good about myself. I want to be confident and strong, and I want to feel accomplished. In fact, I DESERVE those things! Personally, I think that I am worth the effort that it takes to better myself. I’ve spent years focused on my children and my husband, sometimes to the detriment of my self-esteem and happiness. Through the years I’ve realized that in those times when I forget about myself for too long, I’m not happy. And, it is true that when Momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy. Nobody is going to “make” you happy… you have to find your own happy place, no matter how hard it is to figure out, or how long it takes to figure out.

When it comes down to what you will do for yourself, and how hard you work, to make yourself better, tell yourself “I’M WORTH IT!” Don’t be scared by the effort that it might take. If the end result is that you feel better about yourself, then take the time and make the effort because you ARE WORTH IT!!

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