Bulletproof Update

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Four days in, two pounds lighter, feeling like a freaking CHAMP!!! My days are great. I feel full of energy. The caffeine doesn’t hit me all at once and so it doesn’t negatively impact my workouts, which is FANTASTIC because anything else with caffeine has always killed my workouts.

I found a great combination – using a cup and half of water for my coffee, as this helps water down the flavor (remember, I don’t like coffee taste), and using half a scoop of Vanilla Whey and half a scoop of Chocolate Whey. It is GOOD this way.

I’m drinking one before my workout (@ 8am, WOD @ 9:30) , then another after my workout (about 11). This fills me up and keeps me from getting hungry until about 4. Then I eat a good, solid dinner – as much as I need to fill me up. I may have a snack of sugar-free jello or nuts later in the evening if I get hungry again but usually I’m not so much hungry after the big dinner.

I am in the middle of reading the book Carb Back-Loading and may be trying this protocol after I finish the book. It includes a Protein+Coffee drink similar to what I’m using, but it does different things with Carbs and meals than I am currently doing.

For now though, I’m seeing progress where I didn’t for three solid weeks so I am super excited to keep doing what I am doing!

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