Garage Games One

No WODs this weekend. I spent all day both days, Saturday and Sunday, Volunteering at the Garage Games One event. What an experience. There is so much that goes into a large event, and so many volunteers needed to make it happen. Seeing the people in charge never stopping, answering a million questions, running from here to there handling issues….. WOW!

I also have a new appreciation for the Judges. As a competitor I never really thought about how hard they were working counting reps and making sure movements are done correctly. Up, down, side to side….constantly moving to get the best view of the competitor’s body to watch the movements. Judges do not just stand there all day calling out reps. They are moving, screaming out above the noise the rep counts and movement cues. By the end of the day a judge is sore, tired, and can barely talk. The next competition I compete in, I will be sure to give more kudos and appreciation to my Judges!

I am now more excited to get ready to compete again, and in the meantime I will keep looking for more events to Volunteer at. Both are great experiences, and are great ways to get involved in the CrossFit Community.

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