How do I stay motivated?

Motivation is a tricky thing. Everyone is motivated by something different. We are all motivated by different things at different times. One time it might be a specific race or competition. One time it might be an event, like a wedding or reunion. Another time it might be that pair of awesome jeans you want to fit into without a muffin top, or wearing that sexy red dress without needing Spanx.

The key is to ALWAYS have goals. NO MATTER WHAT! Whether your goal keeps you going for a week, a month, or six months…. it doesn’t matter. You just need to have a goal, or multiple goals. Goals need to be in writing too. List them out and be specific. Not just “I want to lose weight.” It needs to be more like “I will lose 10 pounds so my jeans fit me well again.” Your goals should also be in the positive, as if you EXPECT to reach it, not just an iffy “I want”. Talk as if it is already happening or has happened.

Our mind responds to positive self-talk. Even when you talk to yourself in the negative, the mind hears it more as a positive. Such as, “Don’t forget to take your supplement today” is actually heard by the brain as “Forget to take your supplement today.” Guess what? With the negative statement you will probably forget it. When you tell yourself something in the positive it is more likely to happen.

So get out your pen and paper, think of things you want to do or where you want to be fitness/body-wise, and list them all out. Be upbeat and positive about each goal. Maybe even tell someone about them, put them up on your bathroom mirror or near your workspace, or even blog about them. Thinking and talking about your goals often throughout each day will help you stay focused. Also, find a friend who has goals similar to yours so that you can hold each other accountable. People who work on their goals together are more likely to succeed long-term.

My first goal is a short-term goal – lose 10 pounds so that I can fit into a new pair of MissMe jeans. I’ve never had a pair of jeans like this so I’m excited to fit in them without a muffin top!! After the jeans, I am going to have my six pack abs back, be doing muscle ups again, be CrossFit competition ready again, be more involved in CrossFit events and the community, and look great in my bikini at the pool this summer! See the positivity there?

Think it, plan it, DO IT!

My First Goal

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