It’s Been Awhile


It sure has been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. So much has been going on! I’m still working out, at home again. I’m still following Eat To Perform (ETP). I’m still recovering from the Breast Lift and Augmentation. All of this is GOOD!

When I had my surgery, I had every intention of jumping back into the gym, and going back to Coaching. But it is funny how things change so quickly. A couple of weeks after surgery my gym got rid of the class time that I was going to. None of the other class times work for me, so going back was off the table. I got a couple of my neighbor friends to start working out with me, and I set up a plan that would allow me to recover from surgery and that would be good for people new to working out. At first it was simply the StrongLifts 5×5 Beginner program. After a couple of weeks of that, and once I got the ok from my doctor to do more, we added a short MetCon after the lifting. I used a PVC pipe for some of the movements and set up a long warm-up that would be good for also mobilizing my arms, shoulders, and chest.

After several weeks of my own plan, and working out at home with my friends we have really made some big improvements and are really enjoying our schedule. It is working out GREAT! We are all getting stronger and are having fun! And with that, we’ve decided to change things up a bit and have started a Powerlifting Periodization program. My intent is for us to all add muscle mass, get stronger, get leaner, and keep having FUN!

I’ve now been following ETP for almost a year! It’s been awesome. Not only have I gotten leaner, while eating WAY MORE food, but my mindset has completely shifted. I’m still “soda-free”, though I occasionally have a sip of someone else’s soda but I never buy my own and never have more than 2 sips. I don’t really eat fried fast foods much anymore, it is usually sandwiches and grilled stuff, but occasionally I have french fries. I do eat candy, though not often because I just don’t crave it like I used to. I feel so much more balanced with my diet… I eat pretty healthy with most meals but I don’t feel guilty or bad about myself when I have something considered “junk”. I also don’t go crazy with the junk food, and really don’t crave it that often. It is so wonderful having such a sense of freedom, and feeling so balanced for once. Not to mention it is wonderful having a purpose to my eating…. I know what simple changes I can make to gain muscle or to lose fat, and those changes aren’t drastic to the point of cutting out tons of things. It just takes a little shifting of macros here and there, without going crazy like in the past. I no longer binge eat or feel the need for “cheat” meals or days. I actually like my body now!

Speaking of my body… the BL and BA! I am recovering wonderfully! I’ve felt really good since about a month after, though it took about two months to feel “great”. I still have some limitations, and there is still healing going on, but nothing major or painful. My incisions are still sore, at times, but not consistently. I am restricted from doing anything hanging from the pull up bar, push ups, bench press, and burpees. I’m not comfortable pushing anything heavy overhead, and snatches cause some “pulling” so I go very light (15#) and not fast right now. I do light bench press and overhead pressing just to get movement and hopefully increase my mobility and loosen the muscles. The intent is to allow my chest muscles to relax and loosen so the implants can settle into place properly. With the amount of muscle mass I had, that process is taking longer than I hoped but I am sure I will be beyond happy with the end result (I already am VERY happy!)

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