Juice Fasting

Six days ago I stopped eating food. Not permanently, just for a few days. My goal is a ten day fast. Three days is good and gives a good detox, but it just didn’t seem quite enough. I want more of a detox and cleansing than three days will give, and I want to get in the habit of drinking more fruits and vegetables. The one thing I never get enough of, no matter what type of diet I’m following, is vegetables. I don’t particularly care for them and I could go days on end with my only “vegetable” being french fries.

When I did a ten day fast about 7-8 years ago I had HORRIBLE sweat – it stunk something awful, to the point my kids and husband wouldn’t get anywhere near me after a run or workout. After the fast my sweat had no odor for about 2 years. This is one great example of how toxic I was before and how cleaned out I was after. What I really like though is the mind reset. You realize just how much you eat out of habit, boredom or for fun, and so the ten day fast can really help you refocus and eat better when you’re done.

Since I’ve been talking about my juice fast on Facebook I’ve had a lot of questions about how/what I am doing. So below I will outline what I am doing to hopefully answer most questions.

What am I drinking and eating?
I am only drinking Juice, no food, no pulp. I have a juicer, but I loaned it out before I decided to do this so I use a blender. I am blending up my fruit and vegetables and then strain off the pulp. I save the pulp to put in my dehydrator to make “crackers” to eat later when I’m done fasting. As for what I am blending, it varies. I have a couple of Green Smoothie recipe kindle books and have read them. However, I’m not following those recipes yet and am just throwing together what sounds good to me at the time. I definitely try to put at least two large handfuls of a green vegetable in there first and foremost. I sometimes add carrots or other veggies, but I don’t like tomatoes or peppers so I haven’t tried them at all. Then I put in a sour fruit like lemon, grapefruit or granny smith apples. I’ll also add some sweet fruits like grapes, apples, oranges, mango, pineapple, etc. I also sometimes add ground flax, coconut oil, and maybe some nutritional yeast.

I try to drink the juice within 12 hours or so to get the maximum benefit of vitamins and minerals. I have saved a couple of juice bottles from juice bought previously and I use those to store extra/left-over juice. You want something very airtight because the air will speed up the loss of vitamins and minerals that naturally occurs with juice.

Do I drink pre-made juices?
If you want to juice fast but you aren’t up for all the work of juicing or blending and straining, you can buy juices at a grocery store. However, it is really better to make your own juices rather than buying from the store since the store-bought juices are heat pasteurized and have lost a lot of vitamins and minerals. Even so, there are a couple of store-bought juices that are okay. Look for flash pasteurized, and make sure there’s not added chemicals, that its not from concentrate, and has a good mix of veggies in addition to the fruits. I do drink some of these at times because I may not always have time to put something together, or if I get delayed away from home I can grab something on the go.

How do I deal with cravings?
Cravings. There WILL be cravings. Mostly days 3-4, but later on as well. The way I am handling this is to drink my juice and if that isn’t enough drink some Chicken Broth. If your juices are just too sweet after a couple of days the broth is a good way to change things up and give you a different taste. It also gives you some needed sodium which is perfect if you are feeling dizzy or light-headed at all.

Do I workout during the fast?
As for working out during a juice fast, it is not recommended to do intense exercise. Easy, low-key things like walking are best. Even though you will feel really good after a couple of days on a juice fast, and you’ll have energy for your daily activities, there just isn’t much energy to sustain an intense workout session.

What will I do after the juice fast?
When I am done with fasting my plan is to continue to replace or supplement meals with vegetable/fruit smoothies. I plan to try adding Kefir, nuts, and other healthy foods to see how they taste and give me more variety. With more variety it is easier to keep doing it. This will be my way of trying to add more vegetables into my diet, along with salads and the usual stuff that I include with dinner. My intention is to keep my diet 80-90% Clean, with some fun meals here and there.

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