New Adventures & Updates

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything in my blog here. Life has been busy!

I’ve made a great recovery from my surgery, having gotten fully back in to CrossFit with no problems from surgery. I can do everything that I could do before. I started working out (and Coaching some) at CrossFit 30518 back in November 2015, and that has been really great! If you are planning to have a breast lift or augmentation, you can find help with recovery here: Rebuild Your Body

I gained some unwanted weight over the last year and a half, but am working on getting back to my macro-counting basics to start over. The program I was following got “updated” and gradually became overly complicated and annoying to follow. So I decided to get back to the simple style of macro tracking program that I began with, and was so successful at.

My newest venture is to start doing Nutritional/Fitness Coaching with a new company, BITE Nutrition. Its a great new company, started by some amazing Coach friends I made at the previous company I was coaching with. I’m excited for all they can, and will, do with this new business!!!

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