Standing Desk – Day 4

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The cool thing is, every day this has gotten easier and my body hurts less. Today didn’t even feel strange at all coming up to my desk and not sitting down. I like my anti-fatigue mat – it is nice having something so soft and cushy beneath my feet since I’d rather not wear shoes at home.

According to in the four days I’ve been standing (averaging 8 hours a day of standing) I’ve burned about an extra thousand calories. I’ve heard different theories on this, ranging from just a couple hundred extra a day to several hundred extra a day. Regardless, if you are struggling to lean out or lose weight then any extra calorie burn you can get is helpful.

If I were to add some exercises in throughout my standing day I’m sure I would burn even more calories. For now I am trying to keep my food intake about the same as it has been the previous three weeks so that I can see what kind of difference this standing really does make as far as weight loss goes. Regardless, I like it and will probably continue to do it indefinitely since it already feels comfortable and like something I’ve been doing longer than just four days.

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