Standing Desk – Six Month Update

I have now been using a standing desk for just over 6 months. I feel like I’ve always stood for work. I definitely have no interest in going back to a sitting desk, especially after my experience last week.

I had to go in to the main office for a meeting. It turned out to be a 5.5 hour meeting. Needless to say after a couple of hours I was edgy, uncomfortable, and either got up to go to the restroom just to move or I kept shifting forward or backward in my seat. By the end of the meeting I wanted to jump up running from the room screaming “I can’t take it anymore!!!” My frustration wasn’t just because being in a meeting over 5 hours is hell by itself, but because I was soooo uncomfortable sitting in a conference room chair for so long. It was awful. My hips and legs were aching strangely. I felt like my body was stiffening up the longer I sat there.

It is hard to believe that before this standing desk experience I sat at my desk 8-12 hours a day, and then sat on my couch another couple of hours after that. I find myself sometimes standing up to eat dinner and at other places even though there are chairs for sitting. I’ve been thinking a lot about adding a treadmill so that I can also walk slowly throughout my day. The only thing holding me back is the cost! The cheapest one I’ve found is $799. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for now.

If you are interested in modifying your current set up, check out what I did for my desk. My Standing Desk

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