Standing Desk – Week 2

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So I’m in Week 2 of using a Standing Desk. Monday when I began work it felt like I’ve always used a standing desk. At the end of my workday my feet didn’t hurt, the back of my knee didn’t hurt and my knees were hardly stiff at all. I’m adjusting really well and really like it. I feel good knowing I’m not sitting on my butt all day. I love how easy it is to just reach forward and stretch my back, stand on my toes and stretch my calves, bend and twist to stretch my low back….. it is great.

The best result so far is the muscles in my back around my shoulder blade are no longer really tight. I was in a two day competition February 2011 and ever since then I’d had a problem with my back where that spot would NOT loosen up. ART and Chiropractic visits helped loosen it up for short periods but it was still tight. It is about 85% better after only a week of standing for work. It is GREAT!!!

I don’t see any reason to go back to sitting all day!

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