Where can I find equipment for my own home gym?

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There are some really good places locally or online to find your equipment. You just have to decide what you need (or want) most and shop around for your best deals. Some places, like Get Rx’d, Again Faster, and Rogue offer package deals to get you started. Otherwise, you can cherry pick and buy your stuff from different places which can save you money. Keep in mind, if you are an Amazon Prime member, most of the gym equipment I mention here on my site is Prime so would be sent shipping FREE! You would get your Prime membership back with your first order of Kettlebells.

Some places I’ve found or have purchased from:

Ultimate Sandbag

Quest Nutrition (Duluth, GA)

Get Rx’d

Rogue Fitness

Again Faster

PR Lifting


Tractor Supply Company

I will continue to update this list as I find additional businesses that sell appropriate equipment for Heavy Lifting and CrossFit.

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