Will I get bulky working with weights?

This one is for the ladies. It is almost always one of the first questions they ask when they see the type of workouts we do. Yes, we lift heavy stuff. NO the ladies don’t get bulky.

Women do not have the genetic make-up required to get big and bulky. The ladies that you see in magazines or on the internet who are big and often manly looking are typically taking shots to get them what they need to look like that. It is a concerted effort that is required for them to purposely look big.

What many women don’t realize is that muscle burns extra calories just existing. Adding muscle is a great way to keep your metabolism high. Not only that, muscle keeps your leaner because it is heavier, yet takes up less space. Take me for example. I am 5’1″, and at 118 lbs I am typically around 16% bodyfat and wear a loose size 4. Most people think that a 5’1″ woman would only be a size 4 if she weighed 105 pounds or less. Not so. I am heavier because I have more muscle mass, yet lean because that muscle takes up less space.

Also, the older you get the more important it is to continue to work on strength. As you age, around age of 30-35, you will begin to lose muscle each year. This slows down your metabolism. So women in their 30’s and beyond NEED to do strength work on a regular basis. If you focus mainly on cardio, especially extended cardio (over 30 mins), you will inevitably begin using muscle for fuel which can end up lowering your metabolism and make you fatter.

Check this out – a visual reminder of fat vs. muscle. Which would you rather have? I’ll take the muscle!
Fat vs. Muscle

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